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2020 Diamond Jewelry Guidelines & Rates: How To Buy A Diamond

Have you found your happily ever after and you are looking for a perfect diamond to propose your sweetheart? Is it the time that you should make an eternal promise to your beloved? Does the power of love leads you to a jewelry store and now you are there standing dumbfounded as you have no idea about the basic know-how of diamonds and jewelry. Be at ease as we help you narrow your choices.

Most of us have no idea about the simple knowledge of diamonds that is required when buying the most significant piece of jewelry. The diamond you select will be a memorable foundation for the rest of your love life. The life-base has to be built on timeless diamonds that symbolize the sturdy vows you both will fulfill throughout your coming life. The diamond can be passed along for many generations. Choosing a diamond ring has its own journey. It is a big choice, especially when you have no experience in the ever-varying diamond industry.


The prices of diamonds are determined by the usual aspects of supply as well as the demand. To put it in more simple words, it is the availability and rarity of the diamond itself that drive the prices high.

There are mainly four quality factors that define the price of diamonds. They are known as the 4 C’s of the diamond industry. These are carats, cuts, clarity, and color.

  • The carat of the diamond: The price of diamonds starts to increase as you go up in the carat weight. Carat is the weight and size of the diamond. The diamond prices have been historically evaluated on per carat basis. It is the simplest and most objective pricing factor. The most popular carat weight for engagement or wedding diamond rings is between one to two carats.
  • The Color of the diamond: The hints of color and the subtlest of color differences have an immense effect on diamond prices. Diamonds are usually found in numerous colors and the majority has shades of yellow or brown. The rarer the diamond is, the higher its price will be. Colorless diamonds are very rare. These diamonds contain no impurities and are chemically unpolluted as well. Some buyers prefer high clarity of diamonds over colored diamonds for the sake of purity. While some crave for the high colors and prioritize it above all 4C’s.
  • The clarity of the diamond: Speaks of the absence of imperfections or inclusions. It is also referred to as purity or quality in the diamond trade. It is hard to find a diamond with perfect clarity, as most diamonds have microscopic inclusions or blemishes. The clearer the diamond, the higher the rate is.
  • The cut of the Diamond: Out of the 4C’s, the cut of the diamond has a major effect on the sparkle and the skill of the diamond. The majority of the diamonds available for sale lack the great cut quality. The cut of the diamond determines the light dispersion of diamond that has the greatest influence in the appearance and the sparkle of the diamond. The skilled creativity of diamond cut determines its brilliance and rate.


When buying your diamond another factor that should be kept in mind is the shape of the diamond. A perfect diamond shape speaks its language. Fancy cuts are unique to the individuals who choose them.  A simple guide will allow you to get your hands on your perfectly shaped diamond.

  • The round cut: The brilliant round cut diamond is popular as it provides exceptional brilliance and a classic timeless look. Round diamonds are beautiful choices for engagement rings, fine diamond necklaces and other jewelry pieces.
  • The princess cut: The princess cut is one of the fanciest cut diamond shapes. Traditionally, square and rectangular, these elegant diamonds are perfect for wedding rings and other jewelry styles.
  • Emerald cut diamond: Emerald cut diamond has abundant reflections through its long straight steps. This shape of diamond is prominent in both square and rectangular.


This is another major factor that should be considered as the most important while buying your diamonds. The diamond grading report is a quality document that evaluates and proves the authenticity of diamonds. The characteristic value and identity of the diamond are confirmed by the certificate. The prominent gem labs like GIA, EGL or AGS grade these diamonds. This creates a significant disparity in the pricing and value of the diamond.

The market factors as the supply and demand also affect the price of diamonds. Diamond prices fluctuate greatly.


The style and the setting of your selected jewelry are just as important as the gemstone that will be set on it. Choosing the right metal for your perfect jewelry piece to enhance the value of your diamond. A variety of metals are used to add the divine effect to the gemstone.

There are some common buying mistakes that people unintentionally do. These are

  • The cut of the diamond is often ignored by the purchaser. A deeply cut diamond is actually a poorly cut diamond that is less expensive per carat.
  • Do not purchase a diamond above $2000 without seeing it loose with a magnifier.
  • Always remember seeing a copy of the grading report for any diamond you are considering to purchase.


Gold radiates luxury and class while signifying the preciousness of your sentiments. This enduring element is found in various hues. The yellow gold is the traditional gold color that adds trend. Rose gold has its own charm as it is a little harder than yellow and white counterparts. Mostly the metal that compliments the diamond jewelry is white gold. It is ageless and can be incorporated into any style. White gold in its expression resembles with platinum. However, the advantage of buying white gold is that it is less costly.


With these basic guidelines, you can confidently select a diamond that will be cherished and admired for the years to come. You do not need to get the highest quality of diamond to get something that is of equal beauty. Just remember that you are buying something that is paramount of your love.

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