Best Diamond & Gold Earrings for Women & Men (Exclusive)

Be Different with Alexandrite Earrings

Some people love gems because of their value while others love them for the message that gems contain. Different gems mean different things to people. Some of them are used because of their color while others have a symbolic value. This is why gems are often used in jewelry to increase its value and worth.

Alexandrite is a gem that is so beautiful it will take your breath away. This gem is an attention getter because of its beautiful colors, it is a birthstone of June. This mysterious and beautiful stone makes any jewelry item more beautiful than it already is.

Alexandrite Earrings are unique because of the stone changes color. It is blue-green by the day and at night, it appears purple-red. So, when you gift these Alexandrite Earrings studs to someone, it is like you are giving them two gifts. This color changing ability makes Alexandrite Earrings a beautiful collector item.

These earrings are quite popular as people like to give them as gifts. Alexandrite Earrings for babies are also made because of their symbolic value. These Alexandrite Earrings are from Rhonda Lynne Jewelry. The material used in creating these earrings is lab made alexandrite and sterling silver.

Alexandrite Earrings Features:

  • The size of these Alexandrite Earrings is 5mm which is quite the optimum size for earrings of this sort.
  • Depending on the kind of light that falls on it, the stone changes color from pink, purple and green to even grey.
  • The stone is set in 6 prong sterling silver.
  • When you order the earrings, they come in a gift box, wrapped in an organza gift bag.
  • You can gift these earrings to the special women in your life.

The price of these Alexandrite Earrings is $29 and it can be given as a gift to little baby girls or your special woman.

Beautiful Turquoise Earrings for Making a Statement

Most people want to buy silver or gold earrings because they go with most of their clothes. However, there is no rule that you can only buy those two colors. There are so many other colors available and you can also try them out because they will look amazing with some of your clothes. Turquoise is one of those colors. It is a unique color that brings a pop to your outfit. For some people, Turquoise earrings will also bring out their eyes.

Turquoise earrings in UK are quite popular because people have started to go for colorful earrings rather than same old gold ones. Turquoise earrings studs are common among young girls who are not yet into dangling earrings or hoops. These Turquoise earrings Etsy are from Inbalmishan and they are beautiful, gold-bordered round earrings for wearing on special occasions.

The earrings are handmade and they are made for wearing on the earlobe. They come with a lever back closure. If you are in love with the ocean or you want a gift for someone who loves the ocean, you can give these Turquoise earrings Etsy to them.

Turquoise Earrings Features:

Unlike Turquoise earrings amazon, Turquoise earrings are shipped via registered airmail so they will take about 3 weeks to arrive.

  • The shop owner says that these earrings are made as a part of the casual collection.
  • So, they can be worn every day or with a slightly dressier outfit.
  • These earrings are simple but add a pop of color to your outfit.
  • The bordering gold around the gemstone is 24k matte and it is nickel free.
  • The size of the earrings is about 0.6 inches.
  • The jewelry comes in gift boxes when you order it.
  • The brand logo of the owner is also printed on the box.

If you want a handwritten message to accompany the gift box, you can place a special request. The price of these Turquoise earrings Australia is $59.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond is one of those jewelry materials that are always in style. When there is a diamond stud earrings sale that is when most people can afford to buy this beautiful material. However, studs are still cheaper as compared to huge diamond hoops or dangles. Diamond stud earrings for men are also being sold online.

The best part about stud earrings is that you can wear just one or you can wear multiple studs in the same ear. Or, you can wear a pair in both ears. It totally depends on your taste and the kind of look you are going for.

Diamond stud earrings in the UK are being sold by Seol Gold. There are different finishes that you can get for the final product. You can either get a 9ct yellow gold finish or a 9ct rose gold finish. Also, you can get a 9ct white gold finish or a sterling silver finish.

The earrings are handmade so there is always room for customization. The earrings can be worn on the ear lobe or the cartilage. Also, the show owner offers the option for adding a message along with the gift box if you want.

Diamond stud earrings for Women Features:

These Diamond stud earrings for women are beautiful. Even though they are quite small, they will bring many compliments because they are noticeable from afar.

  • The weight per pair is 0.06 carats.
  • The clarity of diamond used in these Diamond stud earrings is 13.
  • These diamonds are conflict-free and they abide by the Kimberly process.
  • The studs are 2mm in length and come with a butterfly fitting.


There are different material options available. If you specify, the pairs will be sent in separate boxes. Otherwise, multiple pairs will come in the same box. The price for Diamond stud earrings for women is $32.43.

Druzy Earrings

Druzy Earrings are very common in today’s fashion trends. Just like people put together mismatched rings, they also put together mismatched Druzy Earrings studs because they look extremely pretty. While dangling earrings or hoops give your outfit a more put together look, these Druzy Earrings uk make your outfit look more playful and give you a fun vibe.

Druzy Earrings wholesale is often sold because people like to collect the whole set of these earrings and then mix and match according to their style that particular day. Some people even have a set of 20 or 30 Druzy Earrings. Druzy Earrings DIY is also very common as there are multiple YouTube tutorials talking about making these earrings at home with wires and small stones.

If you are not the DIY kind, you can get these Druzy Earrings from Wild Fawn Jewelry. The jewelry item is handmade and it is made with 925 sterling steel which is quite a good material for earrings. You can either order a set if 3 or 6 earrings depending on how you plan on wearing them.

These earrings have been put as a set together by the shop owner because of the amazing composition that they make. People love to have these earrings beset they can be worn in a ton of different compositions depending on the look you are going for, that particular day,

Druzy Earrings Features:

  • Druzy Earrings studs have butterfly backs made of sterling silver.
  • If you are eco-conscious, these earrings are the best for you because they are sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • The size of one ball earring is 5mm and it is hammered into shape.
  • The circle earring is 6mm tall while the pebble earring is also 5mm in diameter.


In the manufacturing processes, the company uses eco-friendly silver and recycled materials. This is done to ensure that the final product is sustainable. Chemical-free means and materials are used in the making of these earrings. These Druzy Earrings are priced at $43.33.

Ear Climber Earrings

There are plenty of different kinds of earrings and almost every single one of them is in style these days. Fashion has become very vast so everyone wants to have at least one pair in their jewelry collection. Ear climber earrings gold are a great way to put together any look.

They look very classy as compared to your everyday hoops or studs. Ear climber earrings in UK have been loved by women for a long time. The best part about them is that they cover all your ears.

These ear climber earrings are sold by Jewels by Moonli and they are handmade. This minimalist style is good for everyone. They are made to order so you can choose your own material and quantity. You can either get a single or a pair.

The owner says that these earrings will compliment every outfit. They can be worn with everything as they are simple but they are also noticeable so they will definitely get you compliments from everyone.

Ear Climber Earrings Features:

Just like ear climber earrings kohls, these ones are also quite fancy and can be worn in a pair or separately. The ones available in sterling silver are oxidized so they are a darker color.

  • You can order them in 114k yellow gold or rose gold.
  • Also, ear climber earrings sterling silver is also available on request.
  • The earrings are tarnish resistant and nickel free so they are quite durable.
  • Moreover, they come with a 30-day return policy.
  • The owner accepts customer orders and ships every order with a jewelry gift box.
  • You can add a greeting card if you want to.


Prices at $15, these earrings are a must-have if you want something unique and pretty in your collection. They can be worn on a night out or just on a daily basis with your outfits.

Geometric Earrings to Amp up Your Style

Geometric Earrings are quite in these days because people like to go for something funky and unique. For example, if you are wearing a plain outfit and you want to amp it up, what do you do? Just throw on a pair of Geometric Earrings and your outfit will be Instagram-worthy.

Since many people are going for a minimalistic touch these days, they like to keep their outfits simple and make a statement with their accessories. Geometric Earrings uk are being sold online and in stores. Geometric Earrings studs are mostly preferred by the younger people a lot while the fashion-lovers do not even mind larger sizes.

These Geometric Earrings silver are from Splurge. The shop sells some amazing jewelry items and the Geometric Earrings are one of the best ones. The item is handmade and it is made for wearing on the ear lobe. These earrings add modernity to your style and the green color makes any plain outfit colorful.

Geometric Earrings on Amazon are also very gorgeous when they are worn with a white dress. The green hematite stone used in the earrings is really something that you should have in your collection.

Geometric Earrings Etsy Features:

Geometric Earrings have natural hematite stone which is coated with matte green. These earrings are made with silver wire and the stones are coated in different shades of green, from matte lime to emerald.

  • Geometric Earrings gold option is not available but you can always order the Geometric Earrings silver pair.
  • These earrings are 25mm long and come in the company’s tin box.
  • There are different colors available so you can choose the color of your stone.
  • The item is shipped in 3 to 5 business days.


The price for these Geometric Earrings Etsy is $28 which is quite reasonable for a handmade beauty of this sort.

Gold Charmed Hoop Earrings

Gold hoop earrings small look very attractive in the ears. The best part about hoop earrings is that they are a fashion statement these days and you can wear them even with casual outfits like jeans and t-shirt to spice it up. There are gold hoop earrings for men and for women.

The smaller ones are normally preferred by men while women wear both, bigger and smaller sizes. Gold hoop earrings large are more of a fashion statement while the smaller ones are for everyday use too.

People often try to find gold hoop earrings on Amazon and gold hoop earrings on Walmart because that is where you can get the best deals. These gold hoop earrings small from Venxia Jewelry are quite a nice addition to your jewelry collection.

Description of Gold Hoop Earrings:

These earrings are handmade so they are sophisticatedly designed for your personal needs. They are made from 14k yellow gold and are just the right size. The classic rounded hoops are embellished with a charming disc. They can be worn alone or with little charms. Since they are light and pretty, they will not only be easy to carry but will also give your face a pleasant look.

The hoop wire is 18GA and the size of each hoop is 16mm. Disc size is a little smaller up to 13mm. since these earrings are made to order, you can either get them in plain, light hammering pattern or in a shiny and satin finish. This is the beauty of handmade products. All of them are not the same.

Gold hoop earrings the UK are always a favorite among the ladies. You can order these earrings from Etsy for 424USD. Just let the manufacturers know your preferences and the hoops will be shipping to your destination.

High-End Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Swarovski is a jewelry brand that has a special place in the heart of everyone who loves jewelry. This brand has all kinds of jewelry made with crystals and diamonds. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or everyday wear the pendant, this is where you can find the perfect crystal for your taste and style.

Swarovski crystal earrings sale is one of the most sought out by customers because they can get their favorite pieces for a lower price. Also, Swarovski crystal earrings kohls are something that can be given as a hand me down.

These Swarovski crystal earrings from Yolis Bridal are for all the brides out there who want to shine bright on their weddings. These earrings come with bling of crystals that will make you stand out even when you wear them at your dinner parties or special occasions.

These Swarovski crystal earrings NZ are handmade and they have a latch back closure. The materials used in the making of these earrings are Swarovski crystals and silver plated components.

Swarovski crystal Earrings Features:

Swarovski crystal earrings hoops are not as popular as dangling ones because more crystal and detail can be added to the dangling design.

  • These earrings are elegant and make a very romantic gift.
  • They are made with Swarovski crystals of the highest quality so there is no compromise on quality.
  • Moreover, they are silver in color so they go with your gowns and dresses.
  • The length is 1 inch for each earring.
  • The product is shipped in just 1 business day so you can get it before any special occasion in the family or at work.


Swarovski crystal earrings price is $19.99 which is quite affordable for such a beautiful pair. These earrings are square-shaped so they have a unique vibe going on.

Long Dangle Earrings for Everyday Wear

Long dangle earrings look quite cool with any outfit because they add character to an outfit. Even if you are wearing something simple, you can spice it up with some statement earrings. Long dangle earrings silver and long dangle earrings gold both are in trend because these are the two materials that everyone likes to wear. Long dangle earrings Swarovski are quite expensive. If you cannot afford them, there are other options that you can try out.

The long dangle earrings from Leila Jewelry shop are quite beautiful. They are handmade from 14k gold. You can also get them in sterling silver. Moreover, these earrings are made to order so you can decide which material and color you want. The shop owner also offers gift wrapping option so if you want to give these earrings as a wedding favor or a gift, you can do that too.

The shop owner says that these circle threader earrings add a stylish accent because they can be worn in different ways. Whether you want to wear them on special occasions or everyday basis, the dangle earrings are a perfect accessory to style your outfit. You can get them in premium 14k gold fill or in sterling silver fill.

Long Dangle Earrings Features:

  • These earrings have an open circle design that is not filled.
  • The circle is 15mm in diameter.
  • The threaders are about 3 inches and the total length goes up to 3 5/8 inches.
  • The earrings are made with care in San Diego.
  • They come in gift box packaging

When you order the earrings for yourself and you are getting more pairs, they will come in a single box. For gift purposes, let the owners know so that they can send you multiple boxes for the earrings.  One pair of long dangle earrings are priced at $29.

Minimalist Earrings for Minimal Style

Even though a lot of trends are going on these days, people are trying to keep things minimalistic because that is in style. Instead of going overboard with fashion or things, people are trying to keep styles minimalistic. Same is the case with minimalist earrings ph. Minimalist earrings set are available for sale and you can get the ones whose design you like the most.

These minimalist earrings are from Bylia Jewels. These handmade earrings can be worn on cartilage, earlobe and Targus depending on where the piercing is. It comes with a pushback closure and cannot be personalized. Boho and hippie style earrings of this sort are not only for Coachella or other festivals but they are great for daily wear too. Minimalist earrings Singapore are dainty little earrings that you can add to your collection.

Minimalist Earrings Canada Features:

  • These stud earrings are made in 18k gold.
  • These earrings can also be made in sterling silver. In these, there are tiny zirconia gemstones which adds a pop of style.
  • You can either wear them alone or you can wear them with dangling earrings or hoops.
  • Since they are quite delicate, they can be worn on special occasions too.
  • The earrings are sold in pairs and are nickel free.
  • Their height is 6mm while the width is 3mm.
  • They weigh only 0.77 grams which are super easy to carry.

You can contact the shop owner at any time for customizations. If you have any questions, you can drop them at the site. The earrings come in gift packaging so they are ready to be gifted away to someone special. These minimalist earrings Australia are priced at $10.50 a pair. If you buy things for a certain price from this store, you can also get free shipping.

Shine Bright with Gemstone Earrings

Who would not like to have Gemstone Earrings in their collection? Gemstone Earrings also make amazing gifts because all gemstones have their own symbolic importance and their beauty. Gemstone Earrings Canada is very popular because people like to give them as gifts to the loved ones in their lives.

These Gemstone Earrings dangle are extremely pretty as they are made with gemstones of beautiful colors. If you are someone who loves color in an outfit, these earrings are the best thing for your wardrobe.

The Gemstone Earrings on Etsy are handmade and they are made with nickel free materials for the well-being of your ears. The earrings are made to order. Make a statement with these Gemstone Earrings dangle because they are absolutely stunning.

The pink in these earrings really stands out and gives your outfit a pop of style and royalty. The gemstone used in these Gemstone Earrings is pink druzy which is a beautiful stone with intricate design. The rhinestones that border the stone are seafoam mint crystal Swarovski.

Gemstone Earrings Etsy Features:

  • Gemstone Earrings are 3 cm in length with the hook.
  • They are 1 to 2 inches wide
  • The metal used in the earrings is either gold or silver, depending on what you choose.
  • There is a thick 1-micron layer of the metal on the earrings so that there is no wear
  • Hand soldering technique is used for making each earring and it comes with a beautiful finish.

Since there are gemstones in these earrings, they are priced at $89. This might be a bit high for some people but at this price, you can get a beautiful gift for your loved ones. Gift packaging along with message option is also available so you can get these Gemstone Earrings for someone special’s birthday or any big occasion.

Silver Stud Earrings for Everyday Wear

Silver stud earrings are something that almost everyone has in their collection. While some studs are just round, pretty stones, and there are others that are more detailed. It totally depends on your taste what kind of studs you want for yourself. Silver stud earrings set would have multiple earrings that you can wear on the Targus and the cartilage too.

Silver stud earrings Argos are a hit among the wearers. It is not only women that can wear these earrings. Men who like to wear jewelry can also wear Silver stud earrings for men because these earrings look super cool.

These Silver stud earrings are from Nyaki Punk Jewelry. They are so stunning in design and even the back latch has beautiful detail on them. These earrings are hammered to shape and they are unisex so men and women both can look dashing with the Silver stud earrings set. You can choose the diameter of the earrings, ranging from 4mm to 8mm.

The price increases as the diameter of the Silver stud earrings increases. The earrings are handmade and can be worn on the cartilage as well as the earlobe. They come with a push back closure and can be recycled too. The materials used in the making of these earrings is silver, sterling silver, and recycled silver.

Silver stud earrings Features:

  • When you order these earrings, you can get one earring, a pair or multiple earrings.
  • They are made from melted stud earrings.
  • The shape is made by hammering and the miss-shaping that it gives to the final finish makes the earrings unique.
  • The earrings also come with matching ear scrolls made of silver.

You can also get these earrings made out of Argentum silver. The price for a single earring is $3.38. Place your order and let the shop owner know about any specific requirements.

Stand Out with Monogram Earrings

Different trends are making round this year and monogram earrings are a trend that many people are adopting. Different companies are offering monogram earrings and you can get any initial you want. Since monograms are different, you will stand out in a crowd.

Monogram earrings gold and monogram earrings silver are the most liked among the wearers because they go with everything. Once you have a gold set of earrings, it will last you for years.

The monogram earrings from Silver Jewelry Arcade are very beautiful and customized for your taste. You can get your initials on the earrings. When you place your order, you have to let the shop owner know what initials you want on the earrings. You can get your own initials or get anyone else’s in case you want to send a gift.

Monogram earrings New Orleans are handmade and they can be personalized. The material used in these monogram earrings Etsy is sterling silver. The shop owner uses 925silver sterling and a French wire is used. The design is hand drawn and the monogram is also hand cut.

Monogram Earrings Etsy Features:

  • These earrings make a great gift for any occasion.
  • Many celebrities are supporting this trend so you can also get it for yourself or for someone special.
  • These earrings are custom made so each piece is unique in its own way.

When you order these earrings, you can tell only three initials and they will be added to the earrings. If you have any other special needs, you can let the owner know and your request will be accommodated. You can wear these earrings on a night out to make a statement. The price for these monogram earrings Etsy is $75. So, place your order today to get your pair of monogram earrings.

Stunning Circle Earrings

Nowadays, earrings come in different shapes and sizes. The manufacturers and designers are using different stones, ideas, and patterns in making these earrings. The idea behind the earrings is to keep them so fancy and cool that there is no need to wear a dressier outfit.

Circle earrings are also in fashion these days. Circle earrings online are being sold as people are showing a special interest in these. Circle earrings with bar are often sold too because the bar adds more character to the final product.

These Circle earrings gold are from Shop Origami Jewels. This jewelry shop on Etsy has many customers who speak highly of the products. You can get these earrings in various finishes so there is an option for Circle earrings silver too.

Other than that, you can get the finish in rose gold if yellow gold is not your thing. This item is handmade and the earrings are made for earlobe since they are meant to dangle. Furthermore, they come with an ear wire closure and will support your boho or hippie style.

Circle earrings Online Features:

Circle earrings studs are common but the dangling earrings look much fancier as compared to smaller circles. The smaller studs are often not noticeable while the dangling earrings are the first thing everyone will notice about your whole look.

  • Circle earrings are 12mm in size.
  • They can be worn on the daily basis or on a casual outing with your friends.
  • If you are going for a romantic night out, just wear these Circle earrings gold to steal the show.
  • The approximate length of the back line is 1inch.

Circle earrings online are sold for $10. This price is quite good for a handmade earring pair of this sort. Every pair is made with love and shipped in the company’s own packaging. You can opt for gift packaging too.

Tiny Stud Earrings to Spice any Outfit

Tiny stud earrings are often a favorite among the ladies because they are very easy to carry. Larger earrings can tire out your ears while smaller studs are easy to carry since they are light weight. Tiny Stud earrings in UK are never out of style so you can always have them in your jewelry collection. These tiny stud earrings gold from MoonliStuds are a perfect addition to your collection.

When you order these tiny stud earrings, you can choose your own quantity so you will have tiny stud earrings set to wear. The size of each earring is 0.2cm and they are very light weight. The earrings are handmade for earlobes. You can choose either 14k gold filled or sterling silver as material for your earrings.

There is also an option to get them rose gold filled rather than normal yellow gold. The material depends on you but both the choices are quite good as both colors go with all outfits. Other than that, the studs have silicon backs to keep them in place.

Features of Tiny Stud Earrings:

Just like tiny stud earrings amazon, these ones can also be shipped to your doorstep. The company also offers gift options if you want to send them as gifts to someone.

  • The final finish is nickel free.
  • The studs are tarnish resistant so they are made to last for a long time.
  • You will not have any allergic reaction to the earrings.
  • There is a 30 day return policy that you can benefit from.
  • The company also accepts custom orders.

The owner of this company ships all the orders in jewelry gift boxes so that comes with the earrings too. These tiny stud earrings are great to be given as gifts. Prices at just USD6.71, they are a great choice for your own use or for gift purposes.

Try a New Look with Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched earrings are a huge trend these days because they look very cool. These earrings have been growing in popularity because they can be changed according to your taste. There are so many different designs of Mismatched Earrings that you can choose.

Mismatched Earrings studs are most common because people are more comfortable wearing smaller asymmetrical earrings. Also, Mismatched Earrings in the UK are favorites among people who do not like to wear too many earrings on the same ear. They can now mix and match.

Mismatched Earrings trend is also being supported by celebs like Emma Watson and others. Mismatched Earrings silver and gold both are common even though most people tend to go for colorful ones because you can get different styles in those earrings.

Mismatched Earrings set can be a great addition to your collection because if you have many sets of Mismatched Earrings you can change them every single day. For example, mismatched earrings in shapes of marine life or galaxy are very popular.

People like to wear a star in one ear and moon in the other. Similarly, the styles can be amped by having a dangling moon earring with a small stud planet on the other ear.

Mismatched Earrings Features:

  • These Mismatched Earrings are handmade from materials that will not harm your ears at all.
  • You can mix and match with earrings that you already have at home.
  • Buy one earring, a pair or different earrings to make your own Mismatched Earrings set.
  • Geometric Mismatched Earrings are also available if you want the jewelry style to be a little bit edgy.
  • If you are going for a classier look, you can get smaller studs that look like stones or are in different shapes.
  • Star, moon and planet Mismatched Earrings are most common.
  • The price for Mismatched Earrings differs based on what style you opt for.
  • You can get a gift box with the order too.